Helping Independent Artists Launch Their FIrst Projects & Develop Into Working Musicians

Creating and releasing great sounding songs early in your career is the biggest hurdle. Yet, how well you navigate that hurdle determines the trajectory of your career as a musician.

Many producers are just out there to try and land the biggest projects they can get. No problem with that of course. But, my passion is helping artists like you get off the ground and work through the beginning stages by providing expert production, mentorship, and a comfortable process that is easy and step by step.

Keep scrolling to hear my work, learn more about this process, and (when you’re ready) connect with me.

This is your music, your heart and soul that you are putting out in to the world, and it only deserves the best.

How It Works


You’ll get a checklist to prepare for your project and a roadmap that will lay out every step. We will also have a creative meeting to discuss your vision.


Once we have a clear vision, we will get started on creating your song. This may include instrumentation, writing, mixing, mastering, etc. I’ll guide you on which services you’ll need to accomplish this project.

Game Plan

At the end of the project you will get guidance on “what to do next” with your music so you’ll never have to feel confused or unsure again. This may include resources, referrals, and consulting sessions.

About Me

I’ve always loved the collaborative spirit of music. Nothing satisfies me more than being able to collaborate with an artist, and work to bring their musical vision to life.

After working in many recording studios over the years, I noticed that Artists were not having their creative visions effectively recognized because they were working with the wrong music producers.

My goal is for both of us to be able to work on music that we are both passionate about. This is why I offer no-obligation calls. I want to find out more about your sound, your musical vision and to make sure we are the best possible fit for each other. Looking forward to working with you.

- Chris

Top 40 Pop Music deserves a Top 40 Pop Producer. Someone who listens to and is passionate about the same kind of music that you are!

Previous Clients

Composed and produced Top 40 tracks for Bandlab's extensive music catalogue.

Produced and composed music for their 2014 "Go Green" media campaign.

Produced, created and composed music for Bristol Studios clientele of recording artists.

"Chris is a fantastic producer. He really captured what I wanted for the track."

- Tristan Willis, Client

My Work



2-4 Instruments. Minimal Production. 1 Revision.Basic Mix+Master


No Vocal Production(Track Only). 3 Revisions. Ideal if all you need is a single track. Mix+Master


Full Production. Includes Vocal Production(Tuning/FX). 5 Revisions. Includes ongoing support, mentorship and creative consulting. Access to my years of industry and technical expertise.


Depending on the package you have selected, it can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. The average working time for a standard production would be 1-2 weeks, and a premium production would take on average about 2 weeks. Based on your requirements, I would give you a more concise period during our call.

If you just want to hear how your vocals would sound against a simple track, then the basic package would be best. If you are looking for “radio ready” music, or intend to distribute your music then either the standard or premium packages would be best.

I would be able to provide all the music for your song. You would have to find a suitable recording studio in which to record your own vocals over the track. Depending on the package you choose, you would also have the option to send your recorded vocal track over to me for fine-tuning and a final polish.

I would highly recommend that you get them recorded by a professional in a proper studio environment. If you have the equipment and technical prowess to record them yourself, you are welcome to do so. However, If you are spending money on getting your song produced, it is ideal that you would do the same on getting a top-notch vocal recording.

I’ve spent years working in recording studios, and one of the things I can tell you is that most studios are not specialized in song production and arranging. And even though some might, they may not specialize in the kind of music you are looking to get produced. They mostly specialize in getting good quality recordings, not necessarily Song Production. I’ve spent years honing my craft and specializing in Top 40 music, having worked with both Corporate and Individual Clients. Working with me guarantees you get a high quality, specialized music production. Specifically, one that works with your genre and style. It's for that reason that I don't take on certain clients or genres. I want to work with my strengths.

Absolutely. You will retain 100% of all rights to the song

Not really. My specialty is in providing arrangements and productions for fully written songs. My years of experience are as a producer, not a songwriter, although I am happy to offer constructive criticism where requested. If you really need help, I’d be happy to refer you to someone who would be able to help you.

Absolutely! However, you would need to have them professionally recorded and then sent over to me.

We would first start with an online skype call to determine what kind of sound you are after, and the overall structure of the song. Thereafter, I would need a simple vocal recording of your song. You do not need to pay everything up front, but I do require a deposit to start work. Payment would be receivable upon completion of your song. You are welcome to sing it to a chordal accompaniment or even acapella. This would give me a basic structure in which to build your song around. I don't need a high-quality recording, so you could just use your phone for this. You would also need to send me 3 reference tracks which best demonstrate exactly what you are after. It would also be helpful if you could point out specific things that are happening in those tracks that you would like to see replicated in your own track. After an agreed-upon period, I will then send you a basic version of your track to see if there is anything you would like to change or add. From there, we would work towards a finished product.